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Tra and Basa fish - Pangasius Hypophthalmus is native species in the Mekong River in Viet Nam for a long time. This  species has the advantage for white meat, firm texture , sweet and delicious flavor. In recent years, Tra and Basa fish are grown with industrial with large ponds and applied farming processes according to International standards and strict Haccp regulations.

Forever Green Food and its reliable partners aim to provide the product line with high quality, fresh raw material and more delicious flavor. Our products ensure to meet international certifications of sustainability such as Global GAP and ASC.

Forever Green Food and its partners currently offer diverse product lines from pangasius to meet the needs of the global market

(Pangasius Processing Line)

Black Tiger shrimp and Vanemei shrimp are two kind of products on a large scale in Viet Nam. Especially in the South-Western Province. With high nutritional value, Shrimp products are popular seafood items in all over the world. Viet Nam is one of the few countries in the world which havenatural conditions for shrimp farming industry.

All shrimp products of Forever Green Food can be easily traceable . Besides, we have QC team that they will take care of products with daily presence at the plants to control production activities from the raw material input to the packaging processing for all our orders

(Shrimp Farm in Viet Nam)

There are many various types of Tuna but the most delicious and popular one is yellow-fin tuna. Our tuna products are exploited and caught in the East Sea and processed by the most prestigious partners basing on international standards of food safety and hygiene as well as the most modern technology lines in Vietnam. All our products are easily traceable.

Forever Green Food  offer diverse product lines made from yellow-fin tuna with firm texture, good taste satisfying the needs of customers worldwide.

(Processing Tuna Factory)

FOREVER GREEN FOOD supply all seafish products  exploited at the fishing areas FAO 71, FAO 57. Our cold storage system together with catching vessels enables us to take the initiative in good quality sources of material to timely meet our customers’ diversified and heavy demands at any point. The main sea fish kinds we have been exploiting include indian mackerel, horse mackerel, short body mackerel, layang scad, round scad, bullet tuna, bonito, short body mackerel ...

(Seafish catching in Viet Nam)


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Forever Green Food

Forever Green Food strives to be a holistic seafood & food supplier worldwide market. we have grown over 15 the years into seafood that endeavors to provide our customers end-to-end seafood & food business In diversifying our business into seafood farms, seafood processing plants, and agricultural and food services, Forever Green Food seeks to control quality and pricing right at source to give our customers the best value We bring our products to all customer worldwide with Good Food, Good Health, Good life. .